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Now more than ever, whether you’re a large or small business, the use and integration of video into your marketing strategy is essential. As proof, 80% of Internet users watch a video in their online shopping journey. In this article, we will explore together the major video marketing trends for the year 2020:


We have selected for you 5 video marketing trends for 2020/2021:

– The demonstration video (tutorial)

– Stories

– Interactive videos.

– 360° or virtual reality videos.

– Live videos


The demonstration video or tutorials

These videos are increasingly popular with consumers. Indeed, according to Google, 86% of users watch a video in order to learn something or get information before going to the store. It thus plays a crucial role in the act of purchase. Google integrates these tutorials directly into the results of its search engine, often in the first positions. Combined with a relevant keyword strategy, these videos allow brands to position themselves on their customers’ favorite queries. After the purchase, these videos also allow a brand to extend the customer experience and build loyalty.



On Instagram, more than 500 million stories are shared per day and a third of them are created by brands. They have the advantage of being ephemeral and of generating a lot of reactions thanks to the different possibilities of interactions they offer. This is why other social networks have decided to launch the story function. Following the example of LinkedIn and Twitter, which are currently in the testing phase. If you want more information on LinkedIn and Twitter stories.


Interactive videos

Interactive videos make the customer experience unique and allow them to be more involved and thus have a stronger impact. These videos are interactive in the sense that the course of the video can be modified by the user. This trend is especially developed on social networks with polls, quizzes or discussions for example. For another example of interactivity on social networks, let’s take TikTok. By creating challenges, some users become very famous and their videos more and more viral as the social network grows. In France, there were 8.2 Billion views per month on TikTok at the end of 2019, compared to 5 Billion in 2018. A great opportunity for brands to get noticed!


360° or virtual reality videos

Many videos offer an immersive experience for consumers. As virtual reality tools become more accessible, some brands are taking advantage of them to tell stories and immerse their customers in their world. This is what makes it possible to see yourself with dog ears on Snapchat in particular. But its use does not have to be fun, it can also be used to try on makeup or clothes before going to the checkout. Or to visualize your future real estate thanks to InodView, a software for professionals that allows you to visit a property and modify it endlessly according to the customers’ requests. Learn more about some of the innovations related to virtual reality.


Live videos

These are videos broadcasted live on some social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but also on new platforms that have been developed especially for live, like Twitch. According to the Keyrus study, by 2021, 13% of internet traffic should be made up of live videos. 82% of users prefer to watch brand videos when they are live and they provoke 25% more engagement. Indeed, live videos allow for a direct and therefore more authentic interaction with your audience. For example, Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer and generate 12 times more engagement than traditional videos on the same network.

The major trends in video marketing in 2020 can therefore be summarized as a world in constant turmoil with many possibilities for your marketing strategies. There are many ways for brands to tell their stories in video, and for each type of message, there is a trend that fits.



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