The skoleomization of videos


Skole, a Norwegian word meaning school and Om, like omega, is the name given to this new shopping service. The skoleomization of audiovisual works allows a viewer to consume a product within a content, but not only…Indeed, when one touches his screen – when watching a movie, a series, a video clip, – a capsule is activated on the right side of the screen, giving 3 possibilities to the viewer:

– watch an additional content of the element that one has just touched,

– buy the product/service you just touched,

– have a real encyclopedia of what you just touched.


Touch your screen to buy all you see 

Thus, by skoleomizing your video, you allow viewers all over the world, by touching their screen, to participate in a purchase act in an instantaneous way and to have additional information – in video, in text, of what they have just touched.

The item desired by the viewer is delivered in 48 hours maximum, for a physical product (clothing, cosmetics, food …) and immediately, if it is a digital product (airline ticket, music, game …).

Free for all 

The Skoleom platform is totally free for users. Millions of products are available for purchase within the contents. The video creators who wish to do skoleomization can subscribe to a plan without commitment and skoleomize all their audiovisual content.  – Subscriptions  –

The Platform

The platform is intended for all content owners – large and small – from all over the world. Any video creator can skoleomize it and post it on any platform of his choice and monetize the products and services integrated his content.





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