SKOLEOM TRAVEL is responsible for organizing digital, social and cultural events for companies and individuals.

 It offers new experiences to its customers and implements innovative products and services with its partners, with the aim of reducing the burden of travel costs. 



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Book your trip

We compare millions of cheap flights, hotels, rental cars, airport cabs and many other useful tools. We show you the available prices and let you choose the offer that is most suitable for you with our partners.   And this, all over the world.

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Destination "Expérience"

You are looking to change countries for your studies. Or simply to have a long term language experience. Or even to relocate your company. We organize your placement from A to Z.

Just take care of the moment!

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Organization of events

“TRAVEL EVENT” is the program that allows you to organize your digital, social and cultural events in a foreign country.

We take care of the whole organization: from the visa procedure, to the booking of the plane tickets for your collaborators, to the booking of the hotels, to the car trips and the festivities in the country.