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Upload your videos

Upload all your videos. Transfer your video accounts from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc… without any limit. The skoleomization is done in record time.


Create your Sworld Profile

Sword is the social network of Skoleom. This new generation social network has the ability to read all skoleomized videos. As soon as the skoleomization process is finalized, you can share your entire audiovisual catalog in your traditional distribution network. Create now your Profile and Upload the number of videos you want to skoleomize, and this, in an unlimited way.


+ Over 200 products are integrated immediately

During the skoleomization process, for videos shorter than 3 minutes, more than 200 products and services on average are embedded inside your video. Your video becomes a real eCommerce store that references the greatest branded products, prestigious places, travel, ticket sales and much more. And all this without you having to do anything…. .



Skoleom technology recognizes all the products/services visible on a video: people, food, objects, plants, clothes, animals, places, production date… . All items are automatically identified to an e-shop and are listed in the form of capsules that are notified inside a video, and arranged as follows: additional video, purchase, press article.



All our partners are leading international distributors on all the themes referenced in your video such as: Amazon, Emirates, Avis, Booking…. .


Skoleom Pro Product

By subscribing to the Skoleom Pro Product offer at $1850/month you have the possibility to embed your own products and services inside the quantum player and this immediately.

– Adjust the design of your player to match your brand,

– Showcase your products,

– Plan your releases on multiple distribution channels,

– Create emailing campaigns to reach the most people.

Skoleom gets 10% back on the products/services you offer in your video.


Skoleom Monetizer Studio

Skoleom Monetizer Studio is the monetization tool of Skoleom. It was designed exclusively for and by video creators. As a SAAS, create and track your work instantly. See at a glance where your video is being distributed, how many people have seen it, how many sales you’ve made. Unlock your earnings from as little as $50.


Customize and create your quantum universe

– Optimize the quality of your video by choosing the texture you want,

– Add or remove brands and products as you wish,

– Automatically translate voices in the languages where your video is distributed,

– Create texts, product descriptions, press articles in 3 seconds thanks to our AI Skoleom Academia.



Skoleom is the most advanced monetization tool in the world. It integrates all the merchant data of the Web Wide Web to transcribe them within your video.

For each cart validation, Skoleom recovers a commission that varies according to the products and services sold.

Skoleom redistributes :

– 10% of its earnings to Video Creators for the Content Creator offer,

– 20% of its earnings to Video Creators for the Pro Creator offer,

– 30% of its earnings to Video Creators for the Pro Plus Creator offer.


Example: On the amount of the basket of $15,000 validated and visible in the Skoleom Monetizer Studio interface, of a subscriber to the Pro Creator offer, the subscriber receives the sum of $3,000 ($15,000 x 20% = $3000).


Product Placement

No need to negotiate with brands and other international merchants for product placement in your video. Film producers, series producers, TV show producers, music video producers, you have in your hands the ideal tool to perfect and optimize your marketing solution, without spending anything. Skoleom does it for you! Integrate the link of the product/service you want into your Skoleom Monetizer Studio, and it will be directly referenced and ready for marketing in your creation.


Get the links of the Best Sellers negotiated on our platforms: Skoleom Shop or Skoleom Travel – – and optimize your income in a lightning way.



Push your news with our SNews media service – Create an article, share it and maximize sales of the products and services mentioned in your article. Each Snews article will fill the “Article” option of your Skoleom capsule. The articles you submit can be integrated into the videos of thousands of Skoleomers or Video Creators, as long as the information is calculated by our algorithm.


Exclusive Rights

When you distribute your video at Skoleom, no exclusivity is granted by Skoleom. You can distribute your Skoleom video wherever you want and without any geographical or technical constraints.


Paid streaming video

For all creators of paid videos, Skoleom gives the possibility to set up a payment service in addition to the skoleomization of the video. The same applies to all types of video restrictions such as geographical restrictions for example. When integrating your video into your Skoleom Monetizer Studio, it is up to you to mention the different restrictions you want to see.



A skoleomized video has an average of 200 clickable capsules.

Each capsule has 3 options:

– The additional video which includes on average 200 backlinks within your video,

– The press article which includes an average of 800 words per article,

– The Product/Service which includes an average of 150 words per description.


Skoleom is the best solution to rank your video at the top of search engines without spending a single cent to improve your visibility and customer acquisition. Be ahead of all your competitors at a lower cost!

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