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Organize with ease: Amazon Basics 1/3-Cut Tab File Folders


Efficient organization is the cornerstone of a productive workspace. For anyone dealing with a steady flow of documents, the right file folders can make all the difference. Enter the Amazon Basics 1/3-Cut Tab File Folders. In this detailed review, we’ll explore how this pack of 100 manila letter-size file folders can be a game-changer for your filing system. With reinforced tabs, sturdy stock, and eco-friendly materials, these folders promise not only durability but also an environmentally conscious choice.

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   Efficient Document Management: The Amazon Basics 1/3-Cut Tab File Folders are designed to accommodate standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch documents. This makes them an ideal choice for various professional and personal applications. Whether you’re organizing reports, invoices, or personal documents, these folders provide a perfect fit.

   Reinforced Tabs for Easy Labeling: One of the standout features of these file folders is the 1/3-cut reinforced tabs. Positioned in assorted locations (left, middle, right), they offer ample space for clear and legible labeling. This ensures that you can quickly identify the contents of each folder, streamlining your document retrieval process.

   Durable and Expandable: Crafted from 11-point stock, these folders strike a balance between durability and flexibility. They can expand up to 3/4 inch while retaining their sturdiness. This means you can confidently store a stack of documents without worrying about overloading or compromising the integrity of the folder.

   Eco-Friendly Choice: Amazon Basics prioritizes sustainability by incorporating recycled content into their products. These file folders contain 10% recycled material, with an additional 10% sourced from post-consumer material. By choosing these folders, you’re not only investing in an organizational solution but also making an eco-conscious decision.

   Dimensions for Practicality: The file folders come in dimensions that maximize usability. The overall size is 11.6 x 9.5 inches (LxH), providing ample space for your documents. The tab measures 3.8 x 0.5 inches (LxH), offering a comfortable area for labeling without overwhelming the folder’s design.


The Amazon Basics 1/3-Cut Tab File Folders strike a perfect balance between functionality, durability, and environmental responsibility. With reinforced tabs for easy labeling, sturdy stock that expands to accommodate your documents, and a commitment to using recycled materials, these folders are a practical choice for any organizational needs. Whether in a bustling office or a home workspace, they excel in streamlining your document management process. Invest in the Amazon Basics 1/3-Cut Tab File Folders and experience the difference that well-organized documents can make in your day-to-day tasks.

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