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The 25x: Where Musical Creativity Meets Fashion Elegance By Amanda Smith, Chief of Experience and Innovation – October 24

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Photo : Copyright Skoleom Platform Inc
Paris, France – Innovation is our passion, and we are thrilled to present The 25x, an unprecedented experience where the worlds of music and fashion merge to create a unique adventure. Here, every 25 days, we unveil 25 video clips from internationally renowned artists, accompanied by 25 fashion articles in a specially designed capsule collection to reflect the aesthetic of these clips. But the experience doesn’t stop there. Privileged customers who subscribe to our newsletter automatically benefit from an exceptional 25% discount on all their purchases, an exclusivity that redefines how you approach fashion and music.

The Creative Alliance

The 25x embodies the bold fusion of artistic expression and fashion elegance. Our revolutionary platform offers you a range of clothing and accessories inspired by the most iconic music video clips. You now have the opportunity to dress like the stars, with collectible pieces directly from the most prominent videos.

Enchanting Names

The concept of The 25x is already breathtaking, but it’s our incredible lineup of international artists that illuminates it with a thousand lights. Among the pioneers who have embraced our initiative are global icons like the fabulous Beyoncé, the Canadian genius Drake, the pop sensation Ariana Grande, and many more. These international trendsetters are an unprecedented force in creating captivating collections.

An Inspiring Discount

Inspired by innovation, our platform redefines the online shopping experience. Subscribing to our newsletter is entering a world of exclusive discounts. You’ll automatically receive a personal discount code of 25%, to be used on your next order. In addition to our cutting-edge fashion, this discount is a source of inspiration for fashion and music lovers.

The 25x Symphony

The 25x follows a dynamic schedule, with regular collection launches every 25 days. Each collection is carefully designed to reflect the visual aesthetic of the inspiring video clips. This way, you have the choice between a variety of styles, from timeless classics to creations inspired by the latest videos.

An Experience that Matters

Beyond fashion, The 25x offers you a unique experience. It is an exceptional fusion between the world of entertainment and accessible fashion, a fusion that redefines your approach to creativity and style.

If you are looking to combine the art of fashion with musical expression, look no further than The 25x. Subscribe to our newsletter today to dive into a world where creativity and elegance come together to create an experience as unique as it is unforgettable.

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