Difference Between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip

Nike Elite Competition and True Grip are two different types of basketball launched by Nike back then. They have a steady grip to them which makes the players comfortable in passing, shooting, bouncing the ball.

The main difference between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip is that Nike Elite Competition was made for indoor basketball, whereas Nike True Grip was officially launched as an outdoor basketball. It was one of the features of the Nike Elite Competition that was appreciated by many. However, it works well on outdoor surfaces as well.

Nike Elite Competition is of the standard size seven made for men’s basketball games. It is the non-airlock edition on the Nike Elite Championship ranges.

Nike’s true grip is an outdoor basketball that was launched back in 2014. It is specially designed for outdoor use, but obviously, like any other basketball, it can be used indoors as well.

Parameters of ComparisonNike Elite CompetitionNike True Grip
Made ForIt was actually designed for indoor playing.It was actually designed for outdoor playing.
GripIt does not have a good grip as Nike True Grip.It has a better grim than that of Nike Elite Competition
CostIt is comparatively costly.It is less costly than Nike Elite Competition.
ReviewIt has a few complaints from the buyers.It has no such complaints from the buyers.
QualityIt has a better quality.It is comparatively low in quality.

Nike Elite Competition is a basketball that was launched by the brand Nike. Nike elite competition has a standard size basketball which is used in men’s basketball tournaments and basketball.

It works great in bouncing, passing, and shooting overall. It is very often seen in Nike-sponsored tournaments, and hence it proofs that it is one of the best basketballs of Nike.

Overall, it has a great feel to it and bounces quite well in both concrete and hardwood flooring as well. It has the classic orange color that almost every basketball has.

It lasts for several years without easily gets worn out. However, one should remember that it was specially designed as an indoor basketball, so when the ball gets wet by coming in contact with water, it does not feel the best.

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