Billie Eilish says she’s “happier than ever”, but still looks as tortured as ever in NDA



The American artist has unveiled a song from her next album Happier than ever, due out at the end of July. A metaphor for her unease with fame.

In her new video, Billie Eilish finds herself wandering a road in the middle of the night, nearly dying every time a car passes.

“Did you think I’d get out of a limo? No, I had to save up to pay for my safety. I have an obsessive fan roaming my street.” From the first verse, Billie Eilish sets the scene. Last year, she had obtained a restraining order from the US courts, forcing an over-obsessive fan to stay away from her. But even with her family and friends, the star is forced to take precautions. The NDA that gives the new song its name refers to a “non-disclosure agreement” she had to sign with a boy she liked. Fame doesn’t suffer when a former lover or party buddy tells your little secrets in the public arena. This anecdote is the starting point of her story and the main thread of this title.


The singer faces the camera and walks along a darkened road. Cars speed past her. The atmosphere is eerie, her voice is tinged with sadness, yet you can’t look away, fascinated by the 19-year-old artist’s story. NDA is taken from her upcoming album Happier than Ever, due out on July 30th.

Expectations are high after the success of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019), which earned Billie Eilish the distinction of being the youngest artist to win a Grammy and the first singer born in the 2000s to reach number one in the US.


Gone is the jet-black hair and neon green highlights, Billie Eilish is now sporting a platinum blonde. The Instagram post where she unveiled the change was liked a million times in less than six minutes. For the singer, this must mark a new stage in her career. I’ve grown so much,” she told Vogue in May. I think change is one of the greatest gifts in this world. The singer also says she is in therapy.

The loneliness of a pop star

In this long sequence, which seems to be shot in one take, the singer initially keeps her eyes on the camera and reveals her new life. The field of view widens and we discover her silhouette strolling among the cars. She is wearing a black straitjacket, seems overwhelmed by the situation, lost in her thoughts. “I can hardly get out. I think I hate where I live. Maybe I should think about a new career. Somewhere in Kauai where I seem to disappear,” she sings as the chaos grows around her. The lyrics resonate strangely with current events: Billie Eilish has always defined herself as the antithesis of the sanitised pop star, yet the journey she describes echoes the ordeal of Britney Spears.

By Jade Le Deley

Published on 12/07/2021 at 12:54, updated on 12/07/2021 at 12:54

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